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Our Love Story | Husband and Wife Wedding Photographers Story

Randy and I met back in the beginning of 2015 at a coffee shop in Columbus called Staff’s Coffee. It was a cold Ohio January night, and I didn’t expect to meet my future husband that night. I remember ordering a London Fog wearing my usually leggings (following an 8 mile, marathon training run) and flannel shirt (that I still wear today).

We began talking, for hours until we decided to continue our date over dinner. We went to North Star Cafe in Short North. We ended up both ordering the black bean burger, and chatting for hours. We chatted until we had to leave the cafe because they were closing.

Prior to this I had graduated college 6 months ago, and was on the job hunt. I had just gotten a new puppy, had moved back in with my parents, and I was working 3 different jobs. I hadn’t met a person that kept me chatting and out and about that long in such a long time, and it was so refreshing!

Randy walked me to my car that night, making sure I got home safely and he hugged me goodnight. From that Saturday on we spent just about every weekend together. He encouraged me through my marathon training, welcomed my pup into his home on several occasions and supported me through finding a job.

Eventually I went on to get a job in Atlanta, Georgia in marketing. Within two weeks of the job offer I was packed up and headed to Atlanta to start a new chapter of my life.

Randy had a taken an interview at Gulfstream in Savannah a little earlier in the month, and on my 23rd birthday he called to tell me he was going to be moving down to Savannah in November.

It may be a 4 hour drive but I was so excited to have him within distance of a weekend trip! After he moved down we spent the next year driving back and forth every other weekend to see each other.

A year later I moved down to Savannah, taking a job in Bluffton, SC. We spent a couple months enjoying no more long distance and exploring Savannah together. And then our weekend trip to Asheville happened in March of 2017.

Randy and I packed up Benny (our dog) and headed to a hiking trail off the Pitsguah National Forest, Looking Glass Rock. It took us a couple hours to get to the top, then we ate lunch and hung out on the rock for awhile.

Randy then said he wanted to get a photo of us on the rock, he set up a camera, and to my surprise he was really setting up a camera to film our proposal. As we were getting ready, he held my hand and walked me out on the rock, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. As nervous as I was standing on this rock with a growling scared dog I was so excited and said yes.

We spent the rest of the weekend eating good food and spending time enjoying each others company, talking about what we wanted for our wedding.

About 7 months later, on October 12, 2017 we got married at The Mackey House in Savannah, Georgia with friends and family surrounded.

Proposal Photographer Savannah

Proposal downtown Savannah