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Newborn Photoshoot – The Mugge’s

Justin and Mary reached out to Randy and I after the birth of their baby girl, Diana Katherine Mugge for a Newborn Photoshoot at their home nursey. Ya’ll this shoot was so special to me! Not only because it was my first newborn photoshoot but also because this family has been a huge part of Randy and I’s relationship.

The first time I met Justin it was like meeting he brother to get his approval. Randy is an only child, so it has always been just him, but he’s been blessed with such great friends that turn into the brothers he never had.

Almost a year later, I got to attend Mary and Justin’s wedding. Watching them marry each other at their current church and then getting to learn some partner dances (because fun fact, these two can dance, and not your normal dancing you think of today but elegant dances like salsa).

Another year later and they were moving down to Savannah by us. The first friends we really started to hang out with. And they were the friends that helped us with our wedding decorations, and getting ready ourselves.

They both were in our wedding, Justin was the best man and Mary read scripture during our big day.

Here we are another year, and we were there to witness the birth of their first baby. It’s friends like these you can’t get rid of no matter how far you end being a part from each other.



Newborn Photoshoot, Pooler, Ga