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Jones Street, Savannah, Georgia | The John Family

There is just something about Jones Street that is magical, or maybe it is because Jones used to be my last name, so I’m obligated to love it. But this Jones Street family session was magical.

Everything there just seems a little more enchanting. The street is lined with the most gorgeous homes and trees. But what I love most about Jones Street is the brick road. It reminds me of home just a little bit, where there are random streets throughout the town that are brick and bumpy roads.

When the John family reached out about a family session near the home on Jones street, I was so excited to get to check out their vacation home, but also get to photograph them on, so they say the prettiest street in Savannah.

My favorite part of the shoot was one of the Dad’s just being a goofy Dad, something my own Dad would do. Check out this family session and watch out for some funny faces throughout. Can you spot them!?

Jones Street Family Session