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Forsyth Park + Savannah Engagement Session | Andrea + Yorlliry

When you get to photograph a couple that has been together since middle school you can’t help but be so excited to hear all about them. Then to find out they love their dogs as much as you love yours… This session was definitely one of my favorites, because this couple was just so fun, the more and more we found out about them the more privileged we felt to have gotten the opportunity to capture their engagement session as a soon to be married couple.

So funny story, when I worked at my previous marketing job out in Bluffton I met an adventurous girl named Erin. And who knew Erin would introduce us to Andrea and Yorlliry. Andrea is originally from Bluffton and Yorlliry (although originally from Venezuela) had grown up in Bluffton too. They began their love story in middle school, then continued into high school, then into college, and now here they are planning their wedding. There is nothing sweeter than that.

Until we found out their dogs (two cute pitbulls) Alola and Iggy were going to be in their wedding. So of course we ended up talking about dogs half the time, like we usually do. I assume this will change after we have actual children, but I love connecting with couples through their pets. We love when couples incorporate their pets in their wedding because we couldn’t have imagined getting married without at least one of ours present.

We had a blast getting to know these two and some interesting things about them, like how Yorlliry is a professional athlete right here in South Carolina and how Andrea tags along on some of his runs and bike rides but definitely doesn’t live for it (just like Randy “loves” to run with me).

We are so excited for them as they are embarking on their marriage.

Proposal Photographer Savannah

Proposal downtown Savannah

Proposal Photography Savannah Georgia

Proposal downtown Savannah Ga

Proposal Photography Savannah Georgia

Proposal Photography Savannah Georgia