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Forsyth Park Engagement Session | Katie + Chad

Our first engagement session of the year was one that is going to be hard to top. We decided to start Katie and Chad’s engagement session at Forsyth Park. There is just something about the trees in the front of the park and the surrounding area that I am just in love with!

Randy and I loved getting to know Katie and Chad a little better. They are originally from the Savannah area, something we actually don’t run into too often surprisingly. Katie had moved to Italy, but came back to visit family for Christmas. And that is when Katie and Chad met.

Katie’s Mom and Chad’s Mom are really good friends, and this Christmas they finally introduced their kids together. Their Mom’s introduced them in hopes maybe there would be something there and wouldn’t you know it, Katie and Chad are now getting married!

It always seems like the couples that think their session will be the most awkward always turns out to be the best sessions, with a couple willing to try any suggestions we have to give!

Their session ended with a champagne bottle pop and I can’t wait to share the photos from it!

Proposal set-up Hilton Head Session

Proposal set-up Hilton Head Session

Savannah Engagement Photographer