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Forsyth Park Couples Session | Sehrish & Junior

Sehrish and Junior came to Savannah for a mini vacation from Miami, Florida. We were originally bummed and thought about rescheduling for the next day, because the day they came in was dreary and rainy. We may not have gotten the sun during their Forsyth Park couples session, but we were able to capture some amazing shots with them and stay dry.

Sehrish had planned the couples session as a little gift to her husband Junior, and I couldn’t think of a better gift to give. So yes, I am a photographer so I HAVE TO think that photographs are the best gifts, but I truly do think there is nothing quite like having photos to look back on and remember times in your life.

I remember going to my Grandma’s house growing up and looking at old photos of my Mom as a kid. And those memories, although I wasn’t quite planned or born yet, is something I will always cherish. I will always cherish the moments of me as a kid too. Getting to see 4 year old me on the soccer field. Seeing the first photo my husband and I took together. And now reminiscing on our wedding day looking at the photos.

What a better gift to give on your vacation to Savannah, than capturing those moments for years to come.