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5 Tips To Prep For Your Engagement Session

So you just got engaged? And now you are looking for the perfect photographer to capture your engagement photo session. I wanted to share 5 tips to prep for your engagement session after booking the photographer to make your photos go to the next level.

  1. Try to be on time. Starting your photoshoot on time is so important. As photographers we plan your engagement session around “golden hour.” Whether you are doing your photos near the sunrise or sunset we make sure to allow enough time to capture your session, so showing up on time is so important!Savannah Wedding Photographer
  2. Pamper yourself! It may not be your wedding day but your engagement session is a once in a lifetime chance to get photos taken too, so get your nails done and your hair and makeup. There is no better excuse to get pampered than your engagement photos! In addition to that treat yourself to a new outfit.

  3. Bring a change of clothes. I can’t speak for all photographers but I love to offer my couples two different outfit choices. A great way to maximize your time when you are getting professional photos done is to switch it up, and a great way is to switch up your outfit. Try something dressy, or try something causal that really speaks you! I also love to send along an outfit guide to my clients on how to coordinate your outfit with your fiance.

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  4. It is ok to be nervous. For some of you this is the first time you are getting professional photos done. And for most of you it is the first time you are getting photos taken with your fiance. It is ok to be nervous and not know what to expect, in fact we expect this! We will do our best to create an experience that turns out to be fun, and have photos to remind you of that experience!

  5. Props. Everyone is different when it comes to props. Some couples love to bring a long their pets, puppies and dogs are such a great prop to bring! Others bring signs, champagne, toasting glasses, or just something that is important to you and your relationship. Props are a great way to enhance the photos beyond your engagement ring.

Our job as photographers is to make sure you have the best experience but also make sure we capture photos beyond your expectation. These 5 will help us ensure we can take your photos to the next level.